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Lacuna Coil:an pajod


Se om täuz' Lacuna Coil-kollektivan pajoiden kirjutez.

  1. No Need to Explain (Lacuna Coil-EP)
  2. The Secret... (Lacuna Coil)
  3. This is My Dream (Lacuna Coil)
  4. Soul into Hades (Lacuna Coil)
  5. No Need to Explain (Lacuna Coil)
  6. Falling (Lacuna Coil; mugažo om In a Reverie-al'bomas «Falling Again»-nimen al)
  7. Un fantasma tra noi (Lacuna Coil)
  8. Circle (In a Reverie)
  9. Stately Lover (In a Reverie)
  10. Honeymoon Suite (In a Reverie)
  11. My Wings (In a Reverie)
  12. To Myself I Turned (In a Reverie)
  13. Cold (In a Reverie)
  14. Reverie (In a Reverie)
  15. Veins of Glass (In a Reverie)
  16. Halflife (Halflife)
  17. Trance Awake (Halflife)
  18. Senzafine (Halflife; mugažo om Unleashed Memories-al'bomas)
  19. Hyperfast (Halflife)
  20. Stars (Dubstar cover) (Halflife)
  21. Heir of a Dying Day (Unleashed Memories)
  22. To Live is to Hide (Unleashed Memories)
  23. Purify (Unleashed Memories)
  24. When a Dead Man Walks (Unleashed Memories)
  25. 1.19 (Unleashed Memories)
  26. Cold Heritage (Unleashed Memories)
  27. Distant Sun (Unleashed Memories)
  28. A Current Obsession (Unleashed Memories)
  29. Wave of Anguish (Unleashed Memories)
  30. Swamped (Comalies)
  31. Heaven's a Lie (Comalies)
  32. Daylight Dancer (Comalies)
  33. Humane (Comalies)
  34. Self Deception (Comalies)
  35. Aeon (Comalies)
  36. Tight Rope (Comalies)
  37. The Ghost Woman and the Hunter (Comalies)
  38. Unspoken (Comalies)
  39. Entwined (Comalies)
  40. The Prophet Said (Comalies)
  41. Angel's Punishment (Comalies)
  42. Comalies (Comalies)
  43. Fragile (Karmacode)
  44. To the Edge (Karmacode)
  45. Our Truth (Karmacode)
  46. Within Me (Karmacode)
  47. Devoted (Karmacode)
  48. You Create (Karmacode)
  49. What I See (Karmacode)
  50. Frangments of Faith (Karmacode)
  51. Closer (Karmacode)
  52. In Visible Light (Karmacode)
  53. The Game (Karmacode)
  54. Without Fear (Karmacode)
  55. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) (Karmacode)
  56. Survive (Shallow Life)
  57. I Won't Tell You (Shallow Life)
  58. Not Enough (Shallow Life)
  59. I'm Not Afraid (Shallow Life)
  60. I Like It (Shallow Life)
  61. Underdog (Shallow Life)
  62. The Pain (Shallow Life)
  63. Spellbound (Shallow Life)
  64. Wide Awake (Shallow Life)
  65. The Maze (Shallow Life)
  66. Unchained (Shallow Life)
  67. Shallow Life (Shallow Life)
  68. Trip the Darkness (Dark Adrenaline)
  69. Against You (Dark Adrenaline)
  70. Kill the Light (Dark Adrenaline)
  71. Give Me Something More (Dark Adrenaline)
  72. Upsidedown (Dark Adrenaline)
  73. End of Time (Dark Adrenaline)
  74. I Don't Believe in Tomorrow (Dark Adrenaline)
  75. Intoxicated (Dark Adrenaline)
  76. The Army Inside (Dark Adrenaline)
  77. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover) (Dark Adrenaline)
  78. Fire (Dark Adrenaline)
  79. My Spirit (Dark Adrenaline)
  80. Nothing Stands In Our Way
  81. Zombies
  82. Hostage to the Light
  83. Victims
  84. Die & Rise
  85. I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
  86. Cybersleep
  87. Infection
  88. I Burn In You
  89. In the End I Feel Alive
  90. One Cold Day

Toižed pajod[vajehta | vajehtada tekst]

  1. Bleeding Souls (demo, kut Sleep of Right)
  2. Shallow End (demo, kut Ethereal)
  3. Frozen Feeling (demo, kut Ethereal)
  4. Lost Lullaby (bonustrek Unleashed Memories-al'bomas)
  5. Without a Reason (bonustrek Karmacode-al'bomas)
  6. Virtual Environment (bonustrek Karmacode-al'bomas)
  7. Without a Reason (bonustrek Karmacode-al'bomas)
  8. Oblivion (bonustrek Shallow Life-al'bomas)
  9. The Last Goodbye
  10. Leaving Alone
  11. Soul Inmate (vaiše Dark Adrenaline-al'boman japonijalaižes versijas)