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What do you mean by saying "eländpunktad"? All populated places or only rural settlements? --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 1. tal’vku 2013, kell 22:24 (MSK)

Tervhen! In Hungary (Mad'jaranma) in the administrative form there are towns (lidn) and settlements (eländpunkt). Towns can be:

  • capital--pälidn
  • county seat - pälidn om agjas
  • towns with county rights--lidnas agjad ( with agjad rights)
  • towns with district rights--pälidnas om rajonad
  • towns-lidn

The settlements can divided into bigger villages (called: nagyközség~~sur' eländpunkt), villages (küla) and the smaller settlements, but this is only a differenciating between their size and name--not in their administrative form. The cottages or other populated places are parts of settlements.

We have not got rural sttlements.Porbóllett (arutelu) 2. tal’vku 2013, kell 19:36 (MSK)

Actually I don't care about the administative division of Hungary.
eländpunkt = any populated place. OK, I understand the situation. I'll correct those numbers later. --Tamara Ustinova (arutelu) 2. tal’vku 2013, kell 21:00 (MSK)
I am so glad to help you. If you have any more questions about Hungary I will answer.Porbóllett (arutelu) 2. tal’vku 2013, kell 21:21 (MSK)

Eländpunkt (plural eländpunktad) is any populated place — village, rural settlement, town, city etc. It's formed from words eläda (to live) and punkt (place; point). So it can be translated as "a place where people live" =) Settlement, I guess, means rather žilo in Veps. There also lidnanvuitte žilo ("a settlement that looks like a town") and külänvuitte žilo ("a settlement that looks like a village"). But these two terms probably are applicable only for Russian realities =) --Sebranik (arutelu) 3. tal’vku 2013, kell 18:27 (MSK)