Lodu:Vas (lidn)

Selle lehekülje sisule puudub teiste keelte tugi.

"Vas" also means kvasz =)) --Sebranik (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 03:09 (MSK)

I have never been drunk kvasz before, but you and your linked article makes me curious. I think I will taste it. Thank you.Porbóllett (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 09:37 (MSK)

  • It's very hard to belive! In Russia kvas is sold in any supermarket like usual carbonated water =) --Sebranik (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 10:07 (MSK)
Fail:Kvass brands.jpeg

  • Well, in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakstan and other eastern countries it is natural to sell kvas, but the situation is not the same in Hungary. For me that was surprising because I have heard about it at first time in my life today. Many of Hungarian people does not know what is kvas. Maybe the manufacturers have to open to the western markets of Europe.Porbóllett (arutelu) 7. tal’vku 2013, kell 13:08 (MSK)