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Tulgat tervhin Vepsän Vikipedijaha!--Cekli829 (arutelu) 1. keväz’ku 2012, kell 09:00 (MSK)

Pages about rock bands[redaktiruida purde]

Everything that you are doing is really great, but don't forget that it is a Wikipedia for indigenous people, which may not intresting in this theme. Don't go overboard, and thank you for help! Best regards, --Midnight Green (arutelu) 4. keväz’ku 2012, kell 22:21 (MSK)

I only wanted to help. I told you I'm coming back,my homeviki.--Baskervill (arutelu) 4. keväz’ku 2012, kell 23:59 (MSK)

What's the point of the article Nahičevan (and others like that)? As it stands, it looks like a political statement without addressing even the most basic facts (e.g., what type of a location is it?). --Vihelik (arutelu) 25. keväz’ku 2012, kell 19:24 (MSK)