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Lugansk and Doneck[redaktiruida purde]

Please protect me and edit warning protection Lugansk and Doneck sysop. Пугачов Иван Петрович (arutelu) 15. eloku 2017, kell 21:56 (MSK)

Assistance[redaktiruida purde]

Koiravva and Wolverène: there is an edit war involving the above mentioned pages, and probably some pages more, and I need the assistance of local users in order to set the most neutral version in this pages because I don't understand the local language. Can you assist me? Syum90 (arutelu) 16. eloku 2017, kell 12:47 (MSK)

To establish a neutral position, for this in the preamble and graph country (Valdkund), only Ukraine should stand. So, as the fall of the people's republics is already in the text. Пугачов Иван Петрович (arutelu) 16. eloku 2017, kell 14:54 (MSK)

What a circus performance is this? Does he edit from several sockpuppets and then undo oneself?
Neutral is when only Ukraine stands in the template, because the organisation of Lugansk People's Republic never been officially recognized as either a country or at least as a self-governing territory, even by the Russian government. In fact "LPR" and "DPR" are so-called quasi-states without an exact area and clear territorial claims.
For example we wouldn't write in the template that Deir ez-Zor is de-facto in the ISIS (although the IS has some individual characteristics of statehood), et cetera. --Wolverène (arutelu) 16. eloku 2017, kell 17:12 (MSK)

P.S. Pls pay attention that all "Пугачов Иван * "-related 'users' are playing with fire for a long time. --Wolverène (arutelu) 16. eloku 2017, kell 17:16 (MSK)

  • Edit war was only in this two pages, no other. If it doesn't sence to delete the pages, and we can't block users, it need block pages under the war, without any policy moment. Foreign policy for this wiki is not mean content, only keeping of Vepsian language on. -- Koiravva (arutelu) 18. eloku 2017, kell 21:31 (MSK)

Protection removed; next steps[redaktiruida purde]

Hi, first of all I inform you that I've removed the protection from both pages because one of the involved users has been locked, so there is no possibility for an edit war at this moment, and pages must be available to be edited by all users as soon as possible. Koiravva and Wolverène: thank you very much for your help; what I need now from you is to determine which of the revisions is the most neutral version in order to establish it. In this sense both Пугачов Иван Петрович an you Wolverène think that only Ukraine should stand; please achieve an accordance to set one of the versions among the existent in the articles' histories; if there is not a version which you can consider neutral enough please achieve an accordance to make the needed changes in the articles before edit them. Пугачов Иван Петрович: as I can see you have been already blocked in three wikis, so please try to achieve accordance with local users before making edits that can be controversial. Regards.--Syum90 (arutelu) 19. eloku 2017, kell 14:14 (MSK)